Slide gate repair Services in Houston, TX

Welcome to All Gates Repair Houston, where we specialize in professional sliding gate repair services tailored to m eet the needs of Houston residents and businesses. If your sliding gate is malfunctioning, our team of experts is here to provide efficient, reliable solutions that restore functionality and security to your property.  

Why Choose All Gates Repair Houston for Sliding Gate Repair?

At All Gates Repair Houston, we understand the importance of a fully functional sliding gate for the security and convenience of your home or business. Here’s why we are the right choice for your sliding gate repair needs:

  1. Expertise: With years of experience in the automatic gate industry, our skilled technicians possess the knowledge and expertise required to address a range of sliding gate issues.
  2. Quality Service: We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service using the best tools and materials available. Our commitment to excellence ensures lasting results for all our repair projects.
  3. Fast Response: We are committed to providing quick and responsive service. Our local presence in Houston allows us to address your sliding gate repair needs promptly.
  4. Comprehensive Solutions: Whether it’s a mechanical issue, an electrical fault, or wear and tear from regular use, we offer comprehensive repair solutions that cover all aspects of sliding gate maintenance.

Our Sliding Gate Repair Process

We follow a thorough process to ensure your sliding gate is repaired effectively:

  1. Detailed Inspection: Our technicians will conduct a detailed inspection of your sliding gate to identify the root cause of the problem.
  2. Customized Repair Plan: Based on the inspection, we will develop a customized repair plan that addresses all issues, ensuring that your gate operates smoothly and reliably.
  3. Efficient Repair Execution: Using the latest tools and technology, our team will carry out the necessary repairs, replacing any damaged or worn-out components.
  4. Final Testing: After the repairs are completed, we conduct a final testing phase to ensure that the gate is functioning correctly and meets our quality standards.

Slide Gate Repair Pricing

Type of repairAverage Cost
Track Replacement/Repair$100-$250
Roller Repair/Replacement$80-$150
Motor Repair/Replacement$250-$700
Sensor Calibration/Replacement$60-$180
Control Board Repair/Replacement$150-$450
Labor Costs$150-$350
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For slide gate repairs, the process starts with an initial inspection to diagnose the issues, ranging from $70 to $120. If the problem involves the gate’s track, a track replacement or repair will cost between $100 and $250. If the gate is not sliding smoothly, a roller repair or replacement might be necessary, which can cost $80 to $150. If the gate’s motor isn’t functioning properly, a motor repair or replacement might be needed, typically costing $250 to $700. Sensor calibration or replacement ranges from $60 to $180, ensuring safety sensors operate correctly. If the control board is malfunctioning, repairs or replacements will cost $150 to $450. Finally, labor costs for professional technicians usually range from $150 to $350.